The Show

Andrew G. Poulos was born in 1972 to Greek immigrant parents in Atlanta, Ga. Growing up as a young kid with English being his second language, he always had to work harder than other kids to get an education. At age 8, living in Brooklyn, N.Y., Andrew helped the postal carrier deliver mail to the neighborhood for 50 cents a day. At age 15, before he could drive, he started a candy business at his high school, earning as much as $25 per day selling blow pops. After graduating from Georgia State University in 1994 and receiving dozens of rejections from prospective employers, Andrew embarked on his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. As a young 22-year-old with no money, he borrowed his mother’s credit card to buy office equipment and software, and launched his accounting business from the basement of his family home, founding what is known today as Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc. 

Andrew has been in the financial industry for over 22 years, working with individuals and small businesses across the U.S. and internationally. Having worked with many individuals and small businesses who often struggle with their finances and don’t know where to find helpful information, he decided to launch Financial Smarts Network, a financial show airing a variety of content, including the economy, taxes, real estate, mortgage lending, money management, small business finances, entrepreneurship, politics and much more.

Deeply concerned about America’s financial future, Andrew believes it’s time to educate our youth, in order for America to achieve long-term success. Financial Smarts Network provides valuable financial information each week to help fellow Americans succeed in their quest for living the “American Dream.”