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2019 Tax Season with New Tax Legislation – Biz Atlanta (NBC Interview)
Biz Atlanta host, Crystal Edmonson, and Andrew Poulos, a nationally recognized tax expert, discuss tax year 2018 and tax season, the first year affected by Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation. Andrew breaks down the most important aspects of the new legislation and how small business owners will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Qualified[...]
2019 Personal Financial Resolutions – Atlanta & Co (NBC Interview)
Nationally recognized tax and financial expert Andrew Poulos discusses with Atlanta & Co. host, Christine Pullara, his top six personal financial resolutions anyone can use to improve their personal and business lives. The beginning of the year is when everyone thinks of making changes in their life, and the most important resolution you can make[...]
2019 Financial Resolutions – Public Affairs on Peach (CBS Interview)
Andrew discusses with host Meghan Packer his top personal financial resolutions that everyone should be aware of. Kicking off 2019, everyone is looking to manage their finances better; however, many who are financially challenged don’t know how to begin saving. As a nationally recognized tax and financial expert, and self-made entrepreneur, Andrew shares his insight[...]
End of Year 2018 Tax Tips – CBS Evening News Interview
On Dec. 29, 2018, Andrew and Emmy-winning news anchor Mike Dunston discussed end of year tax tips, and what people can do to benefit from the new tax legislation. There has been a lot of confusion with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, yet very little guidance from the Internal Revenue Service. A nationally recognized[...]
Tax Season 2018 with Mike Dunston & Kim Passoth – CBS Interview
As we approached the tax filing deadline in 2018, Andrew discussed with Emmy-winning news anchor Mike Dunston tax tips for procrastinators with the April deadline approaching. Mike and Andrew discussed how last-minute tax filers can reduce their tax liability, and why rushing to file can be a bad decision and cause problems with the IRS.
Tax Season 2018 with Rodney Harris – CBS Interview
Days away from the April tax deadline, Andrew and Rodney Harris took questions from Facebook viewers on CBS evening news. Andrew provided feedback to viewers, gave insight on last minute tax filing tips, and how last-minute filers can stay out of trouble with the IRS and avoid an audit.
Property Tax Race – CBS This Morning Interview
Beginning in 2018, state and local taxes will be limited to $10,000 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation. In December 2017, the Internal Revenue Service published a press release stating it would disallow the property tax deduction for taxpayers who prepay their 2018 property taxes in 2017, if the taxes have not been[...]
2017 End of Year Finances – CBS Interview
As we approached the end of 2017, Andrew and Karyn Greer discussed end-of-year finances. Andrew offered suggestions for what people can do before year-end to minimize their tax liability and begin 2018 with a new and better mindset so they can become financially fit. As a financial expert, Andrew always stresses the importance of money[...]
President Trump’s Proposed Tax Reform – Biz Atlanta (NBC Interview)
Atlanta Business Chronicle host Crystal Edmonson has a sit-down interview with nationally recognized tax and financial expert Andrew Poulos to discuss President Trump’s proposed tax policies. In September 2017, Trump and the GOP issued their tax reform proposal for middle- class Americans, small businesses and multinational corporations. As a sought-out thought leader, Biz Atlanta invited[...]
President Trump’s Campaign 2016 Tax Plan – CBS Interview
In December 2016, Public Affairs on Peach host Bobby Kaple, and tax expert, Andrew Poulos, discussed President-elect Trump’s tax plan. Tax reform took center stage during the 2016 campaign as Trump and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton focused on tax reform that can help middle-class Americans. There was lots of speculation on the type of tax[...]
Home Mortgage Regulations – CBS Interview
In July 2017, Fannie Mae modified its home mortgage lending guidelines, easing up on the debt to income ratios (DTI). Tax and finance expert Andrew Poulos discussed with Meghan Packer the new Fannie Mae regulations and the impact it will have on the real estate industry. Andrew provided in-depth suggestions on how prospective homeowners can[...]
Avoiding Tax Scams – CBS Interview
Andrew discussed with CBS news anchor Meghan Packer tax scams happening during the 2016 tax season, how taxpayers should be aware of the scams and how to avoid becoming an identity theft victim. Tax scams always reach a peak during tax season when people are vulnerable and third-party information being distributed among a variety of[...]
Protecting Your Money – Public Affairs on Peach (CBS News)
Summer season is a great time to review your finances and adjustment your spending plan. Andrew and Emmy-winning host Giovanna Drpic discussed how rising interest rates will affect your home purchase and credit cards, and why increasing your credit score can have a long-term positive impact on your finances. A nationally recognized tax and personal[…]
Best Online Tax Software – FOX Business Network Interview
In March 2014, nationally syndicated tax software expert Andrew Poulos, and Gerri Willis of The Willis Report Show, discussed the best online tax software for those who want to self-prepare their tax return. Andrew top pick was Intuit’s TurboTax. Andrew and Gerri discussed the pros and cons of each software, and when taxpayers should opt to[...]
2016 Last Minute Tax Filing Tips – CBS Interview
In March 2016, Andrew and Emmy-nominated news anchor Sharon Reed had an hour-long interview discussing what people should be aware of as they file their tax return, and how to avoid getting audited by the IRS. In the hour-long interview, Andrew and Sharon discussed the tax system and the IRS, how it’s not a fair[...]