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Andrew is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the U.S. Treasury to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He represents taxpayers for federal and state audits, collections, and appeals. Andrew is an Accredited Business Accountant and an Accredited Tax Preparer through the Accreditation Council for Accountancy & Taxation, where he has served on the Subject Matter[…]


Andrew founded the Savvy Money Show, a financial radio show in 2007, providing financial and mortgage lending information to his listeners. In 2013, as the founding tax software editor of Reviews.com, Andrew landed his first big break in the TV news business when Fox Business Network invited him to be a guest live on prime-time[...]
Andrew G. Poulos was born in 1972 to Greek immigrant parents in Atlanta, Ga. Growing up as a young kid with English being his second language, he always had to work harder than other kids to get an education. At age 8, living in Brooklyn, N.Y., Andrew helped the postal carrier deliver mail to the[...]